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If you lose your debit card, if your debit card is stolen, or if you have fraudulent activity on your card, please call us at 507-639-9921 (Trimont) or 507-695-2724 (Dunnell) right away.  After banking hours, call 800-417-8715.


This section contains helpful information on a variety of financial topics, including borrowing money, saving money, bank accounts, credit cards and debit cards, and scams / thefts.  These articles and websites may offer tips, explain differences, or describe activities for families and teachers.  

Please keep in mind that Farmers State Bank of Trimont may not offer every type of service or account that is mentioned in this section.  We are happy to answer your questions, so if you're wondering if we offer something, or if you would like more information on our accounts or services, just ask us!

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